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Rustic Wine Bars
Made of hand selected Black Walnut. This side loading eight bottle rack is designed as a counter top rack or hang on a wall easily. Holds six glasses of assorted sized bowls. Hand carved header board. 22"w x 8.5d x 27.5"h

Made of hand selected Mahogany . This side loading six bottle rack  is designed as a counter top rack or can be hung on a wall easily. 22"w x 8"d x 25.5" h  
Wine Racks: Below is a small sampling of the custom made counter top and wall hanging racks. All of their wood has been hand selected by me for grain movement and figuring to maximize the beauty of the piece. 
Made of Black Walnut and quilted Maple top this 36 ct. wine rack has two hand carvings on either side. And will be a wonderful addition to any room. 12" D x 36" H x 28" w      1 of 2 photos
Made of Black Walnut and Quilted Maple top with custom hand carving. Holds 36 bottles and made to last many generations. 12" x 36" x 28"/ 1of 2 pictures/ see below
Center hand carving for the rack above  . 2 of 2
Side panel of the rack to the right/
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Made of Maple this counter top wine rack holds twelve bottles. Hand carved art on side with wood stains to add some color / barrel with grapes and glass and bottle of wine 12.5 H x 15" W x 11" D. 
Made of Knotty Alder this side loading wine rack holds six glasses and six bottles of wine. Is design to work with wall mount or counter top. Outstanding carved scene with barrel glass of wine vines and grapes. Colored with wood stain . 25.75 H x 22" W x 8" D. 
This 12 count counter wine rack is a solid maple wood with hand carving side. Features barrel with grapes and a glass of wine with banner that reads in Italian " good food, good wine, great friends and family"
Custom cabinet for this 35 bottle wine refrigerator includes hand carved back splash with scroll saw fine work. Knotty Alder with vineyard scene. 
Above: Side loading six bottle Mahogany wine rack. Holds six glasses and can be used on counter or mounted on wall with little effort. Solid wood and built to last. 
Above: Side loading eight bottle Sapele wine rack. Holds six glasses and can be used as counter top or wall mounted rack. Carving features large barrel with family name and a vineyard type setting. 
​Above: 48 ct. custom wine rack " Red Hickory" with beautiful grain movement and side carvings
Above: Left side carving of the 48 ct. wine rack. This rack has wheels and easily lets the owner move their wine from its home (closet or special place ) to where the party is. Sure to turn heads with much praise. 
About Rustic Wine Bars:
Rustic Wine Bars is family-owned and operated in Orangevale, CA. Since opening in 2004, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar products but lack the creativity and passion of customizing the item with a one of a kind hand carved beautiful piece of art.
Where it all began:
Below is the very first piece I created in 1989 some twenty five years ago. As you can see it holds forty eight bottles of wine and still serves as one of our families wine racks. All of my caddies have wheels and allows my customers to take their wine to where the party is with ease. 
                                                              J Bentley
Solid Maple 12 count counter wine rack with walnut stain. Hand Carved side panel with banner in Italian that reads, " Good food, good wine, great friends, ! 
Solid Maple 12 count counter wine rack with stain. Hand Carved side panel with wine barrel and grape clusters. 
​          SOLD!
Hickory wine rack that holds 48 bottles and is a show stopper with hand carvings on either side. Ready to entertain or just store the wine. 
Left: Out of the shop on Friday and sold on Saturday. This Black Walnut 36 ct wine rack features a one of a kind curly maple top with outstanding figuring and carvings.