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Rustic Wine Bars
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Ideal for Hunting and Fishing Lodges or just the wildlife enthusiast: These HAND Carved serving trays along with YOUR lodge name (Example:Welcome to Klamath River Lodge ) will help you to succeed with the " first impression " and be a focal point for your guest. All of my trays are Food grade ready ( Watco butch block finish ) for the executive chef to lay out their favorite finger food and win their guest over. Use them everyday to serve on and use them as Lodge decor ( on a easel ) when not in use. Add your name on any tray. I can hand-carve any wildlife from fish, feathers to fur. 
Above: This Pope and Young White tail stud has it all going on! (Carving 6 H x 5 W ) On Highly Figured Curly Maple with Black Walnut 1" frame around. Waiting for your family name to be hand carved below 11 H x 16" W / 
Custom Rod Rack: This Knotty Alder rod rack comes with this Salt Water theme and a  caption reading " Here's to great friends and great times and whatever my hook finds" . Carving 4.5 H x 12" W / 
​These 70" H x 5.5" W, Hickory Oar comes complete with this air catching German Brown exploding out of the water and rope accents on both the base of the oar and at the handle . A " Man Cave" must have! Caption reads " I know heaven is a wondrous place, I just hope it has a spot for my rod my beer and the big smile on my face". Custom order yours today with your favorite game fish . I offer both fresh and salt water carvings. 
This rack holds 13 rods , designed to hold six single rods and seven combos with reels. 30" x 28" x 3.5 D. Salt water theme as per left photo.
This custom Oar was built with Pine and has been used on my personal boat for over six years. The star of the show is this Rainbow Trout about ready to take the fly presentation. 70" X 5" 5/8 W handle wrapped rope detail at the base and the handle. Caption that reads,,, Here's to good friends,good times,tight lines and whatever my hook finds!
Above right: direct from our carving studio this Ram is at his lookout point. Heavy horned and ready to go. Carving is 6" w x 4.5 h serving tray is 16" w x 12.5 h . 
ABOVE:Kodiak Brown bear searching for a quick meal. Hand-carved on curly maple and Sapele frame. 
Yes we also do hand-carved gunstock art! This ram sits high on top of his rock lookout. Eastern walnut stock the carving is 4" x 3.3.25" 
Released on  12-31-14 out of the shop and ready for you to call it your own. Customize it with your name (Johnson Ranch for example) it is just 25.00 up to ten characters. Notice the rich log handles ( bronze oil rubbed) and the highly figured curly maple center. Sapele trim with a boarder for those unexpected spills. 

Above: Pacific Northwest quilted Maple with Mahogany trim, black and bronze branch handles. This hand carved bull elk in sneaking around. Complemented with the rustic elegance of the hand selected wood.  19.5 x14.5
Below: This hand carved Bull Elk is calling for some company with the Rocky Mountains in the back ground. 18.5" x 16" . Both are finished with Watco butcher block oil and ready for all of your finger food snacks. 
AboveThis hand carved bull Moose is making quick work of this split rail fence. Pacific Northwest quilted Maple with Mahogany frame. Rustic elegance with this hand selected piece of wood. Enjoy for generations to come. 19.25 x 14.25 A wow factor of 10
Above: Hand carved Hickory with Cherry frame this bull Elk is just finding his way. 16.5 x 13" This tray carving was filled with resin to make cleanup a breeze. 
  Caption: Life passes by so quickly but telling the stories of fishing trips lived never gets old! This German Brown Trout is exploding on a fly and giving his best head shake. Mahogany wings with Pacific Northwest quilted Maple. 
Serving Tray with the charm of a Bull Elk calling out to his beautiful cow girlfriend. Jotoba frame with Pacific Northwest curly Maple. Hand carved 15.5" x 16.5" 
Above: Filled Hand carved dominant Ram on the lookout . Hickory frame with Curly Maple center. 
Rustic Wall Art / Bull Elk in his favorite meadow. Notice all of the details 
Left: This one of a kind hand carved wall art is called " The Great Escape ". This Boone and Crocket Mule Deer buck is slipping away right before the brown bears eyes. Notice he is careful with each step as he slips away quietly.  Inspired by the waterfall of "Bullion Mine"as the head waters flow over and from the mine located in the Forest Hill area of northern California. In a custom frame to add years of enjoyment!